Bikes, exploration, adventure, rains, risks. If you find a part of yourself in any of these words, this is the movie for you. Most of us plan for these things all the time but always find an excuse to not execute it. However a traveler never waits for the right time; just like our protagonist. He leaves just before a semester to his medical degree. He and his friend desire to see most of the Latin America. They cover more than 14,000 km in four and a half months before Guevara’s heart transforms by seeing the disparity among different class of humans. They faced many challenges during their expedition, got helped and offered help to others.  This story is on the memoir of one the greatest revolutionary Che Guevara. If you don’t know him you’ll find him on a lot of t-shirts. The movie is in Spanish but it doesn’t matter to a movie lover, subtitles are always there.


It’s a slow paced movie so sit with patience, coffee and snacks. It’s Friday, watch it and you’ll dying to kick off your bike this weekend. Travelling teaches us lot. If you want to find yourselves, lose yourselves to the unknown places.

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IMDB Rating 7.8

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